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Chongqing Trump Industrial Co., LTD.         Powered by www.300.cn



       Chongqing Trump Industrial Co., Ltd. was initially established in 1993, and it is an industrial company integrating R&D of mechanical parts and components, manufacturing, sales and garden greening, afforestation engineering design, construction and others as a whole. Via 20 years’ development, Trump Industrial Co., Ltd. has been gradually realizing the transformation and enhancement from extensional development to connotative development. 
        (Automobile parts block) the automobile block is formed by three big main operation bases of Dingjia Trump, Chengdu Jinmaxiang and Bishan Renchuang, under the guidance of vertical integrated strategy, the company has become the sole professional manufacturing base in differential industry for R&D and production integrating precision forging of raw materials, casting, product high-precision numerical control mold and assembly automation assembling as a whole. Automobile block of the company have 500 employers in total, with 500 sets of high and medium grade of mechanic equipment like high precision numericalcontrol machine tool, automatic workstations imported from Germany, Russian TMP cold forging machine, Disha automatic casting line from Denmark, Hexagon three-coordinate measuring machine from Switzerland, temper mill, saturated steam cleaner, centralized liquid supply system, full(half) automatic assembly production line and so on. The annual production value can reach RMB 300 million Yuan. 
        (Engineering construction block) In 2009, the company implemented diversified horizontal strategy of the group, and established Chongqing Hairen Garden Greening Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Huantou Bridge and Road Engineering Co., Ltd. in the same year, engaged in municipal and engineering construction industries, and participated in the construction of the highway pavement, greening and traffic security such as Fufengshi, Zhongwan, Guiqian, Dao’an and so on, and become the strategic cooperative unit of China Communications Road and Bridge Group. 
       (Logistics operation block) In 2012, in order to actively responded to national long and medium term planning of development of logistics, the company established Guizhou Trump Industrial Co., Ltd., creating a professional operator for modernized intelligent logistics integrating planning, design, construction and operation as a whole. By now, it has started up projects for planning and construction of precision logistics transport and management of Zotye Auto (Xiangyang) Base and Yuda Logistics Park. 
       “Leading the development of the industry, creating value for customers, allowing employers to realize dream” is the holy mission of Trump people. Standing on the newpoint, Trump Industrial Co, Ltd. is ambitious, and will quicken the pace for creating a new Trump featuring scientific, precise, technological and intelligent.