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Chongqing Trump Industrial Co., LTD.         Powered by www.300.cn


Ding Gu trump
poor shell machining    shift fork products 
Bishan Renchuang 
Poor shell rack, assembly 
Chengdu Jinmaxiang 
Casting, forging 
  Automobile parts and components block is formed by three major operation bases of Dingjia Trump, Chengdu Jin Ma Xiang and Bishan Renchuang, Trump has an annual capacity of 3 million sets of differential,with the annual output value of 300 million yuan.Now it has become a professional research & development and manufacturing base that integrates full industries chain consists of raw materials precision forging and casting, high-precision CNC molding and final assembly.There are 150 varieties of differential products.Trump's products cover two major series-manual and automatic transmission.Trump has 500 sets of high-grade precision machinery equipment,and built a plant centralized drainage system for automatic processing to achieve green production.Trump introduced intelligent logistics and distribution systems and automatic assembly line .Trump has a talent team consists of senior doctors and  also has established long-term cooperative relations with well-known domestic universities.Now Trump has grown into one of the largest differential case production enterprises in China.