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Chongqing Trump Industrial Co., LTD.         Powered by www.300.cn



  In 2012, in order to actively responded to national Medium and Long Term Planning of Development of Logistics Industry, the company established Guizhou Trump Industrial Co., Ltd., creating a professional operator for modernized intelligent logistics integrating planning, design, construction and operation as a whole. 
  Under the great support of the people’s government of Dafang County, it has comprehensively started up Project Construction of Xunhuan Zone Namely Yuda Logistics Service Garden in Dafang County of Guizhou Trump company, striving to create logistics hub center with Dafang county as the core. The construction of this logistics park can effectively accelerate urban development of Dafang county, improve urban environment, relieve urban traffic pressure, and provide storage, transport, deliver, circulation and other functions for enterprises of Dafang county, effectively reduce logistics cost of enterprise, and have importance significance and function for absorbing diversified investment, accommodating the entrance of industries and products from many places, driving coordinated development of peripheral economy and adjusting regional industrial structure.