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Analysis of Remanufacturing of Parts and Components of Scrapped Cars during 2017 and 2021 in China

Benefitofremanufacturingofpartsandcomponentsofscrappedcars?  Thescrappedcarshavenotonlylargeamountofvariousrecyclablerawmaterials,mostoftheirpartsandcomponentscanberemanufacturedbythemethodofmechanica

  Benefit of remanufacturing of parts and components of scrapped cars 

  The scrapped cars have not only large amount of various recyclable raw materials, most of their parts and components can be remanufactured by the method of mechanical processing, overlaying, surface treatment and so forth, which can make the retired parts and components meet the use requirement again. Remanufacturing refers to mass production for professional repair of parts and components of old cars, engineering machinery, machine tools and others. the remanufactured products have the same quality and performance with the original new products. Remanufactured products refer to domestic old products re-appearing on the market via remanufacturing process to meet remanufacturing requirements. 

  Parts and Components of Scrapped Cars, Remanufacturing of Automobile Parts and Components 
  According to the technology of remanufacturing, remanufacturing can be divided into two types: the first type is to conduct mechanical processing to let the parts and components recover the normal size and mechanical coordination features; the second type is to conduct supplement and repair of defective parts via the methods of surface treatment, overlaying, chemical plating, spray plating and so on, or to make parts and components recover its required geometrical dimension and surface status by the method of pressurizing for expansion and shrinking. 
  As is shown by Report of deep research and investment prospect prediction of recycling and dismantling scrapped cars during 2017-2021 in China issued by the consultant of China Investment Corporation: in general, the cost for remanufacturing of parts and components only equals to 50% of production of new parts and components, which can save raw materials by 70%, and can save energy by 60% during the production process, by integrative calculation, the sales price of remanufactured parts and components is only 50% of new parts and components. 
  Remanufacturing Scale of Automobile Parts and Components is Promising 
  According to the experience of developed countries, the remanufactured parts and components are mainly applied in automobile maintenance fields, and the scale is promising. Take Japan as example, automobile parts and components valued 106 billion Yen are reused through remanufacturing each year. In the U.S., there are over 12,000 automobile dismantling enterprises, over 200 enterprises for professional damage of cars and over 50,000 enterprises for remanufacturing of parts and components, and there are over 46,000 tons of parts and components that can be remanufactured, moreover, the proportion of remanufactured parts and components for maintenance of social vehicles in the U.S. is over 50%, and the usage amount of remanufactured engine and starter is high above 80%. 
  In European and American countries, the use rate of remanufactured parts and components are high, and the sales profit of remanufacturing of parts and components accounts for about 80% of automobile dismantling enterprises, but the use rate of remanufactured parts and components dismantled from automobiles is low. In accordance with traditional automobile dismantling laws and regulations, in China, most of the parts and components from dismantled cars even the five assembly parts are sold after being changed into scrap metal via damage, and the value of scrap metal is only equivalent to 1/8-1/10 of the remanufactured parts and components. With the issuance of document of Management Regulation for Recyclable Scrapped Cars (No.307 Order of the State Council), the core parts and components such as five assembly parts with high added value will be reused by remanufacturing. Supposing the scrapped cars in 2015 was 10 million, only calculating the scrapped steel and iron, scrapped tires, scrapped plastics and the scrapped nonferrous metals, seen from use condition of current resources , the industrial scale will reach about RMB 177.8 billion Yuan, however, as automobile dismantling/parts and components remanufacturing industry has quickened the pace to link the internet, internal business platform with O2O characteristics will make the sales channel of remanufactured parts and components much smoother in future, which will substantially enlarge the customer group of automobile dismantling/parts and components remanufacturing.