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The First Trial Rack for Gearbox of New Energy Automobile in China was Successfully Researched and Developed in Chongqing


  CNR News of Chongqing on November 8.the Scientific Research Institute of Chongqing declared today that recently the automobile and motorcycle center team of this institute researched and developed the first high-speed trial rack with highest rotating speed for new energy automobile in China, which successfully broke the international monopoly. 

  This high-speed trial rack for gearbox is mainly developed for automatic gearbox of automobile AT, AMT/EMT, CVT, DCT and for lifespan and performance experiment of new energy reducer, which can used for matching calibration test and durability test of automatic gearbox, and can simulate the working condition of finished cars, and simulate the working condition of drive motor of electric cars, providing forceful experiment methods for fast development, testing and evaluation of automatic gearbox. 

  The performance of this high-speed trial rack for gearbox of automobile takes leading role in China, and the cost for manufacturing of it only equals to 60% of similar equipment overseas.