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China (Shiyan) Automobile Accessory Commodity Trade Fair Opened up Today


  In the morning of November 8, 2017 China (Shiyan) automobile accessory commodity trade fair will be opened up in Shiyan International Exhibition Center. more than 300 manufacturing and sales enterprises of finished vehicles and parts and components from more than 20 provinces of China have been enrolled for exhibition. attracting more than 30 friendly business associations and foreign purchase groups and more than 1,800 purchase enterprises from over 10 countries such as Iraq and Yemen to participate in the exhibition and the trade fair. 

  Cai Yudong, the director of Business and Information Department of the Ministry of Commerce delivered the speech, Zhang Weiguo, the municipal secretary of Shiyan announced the opening of trade fair, Chen Xin, the vice municipal secretary and mayor of Shiyan presided over the opening activities, and Li Rengui, the director of organization committee of China international automobile trade fair, Li Yao, the Chairman of Innovation Alliance of China Waltmal New Energy Automobile Industry, Zhang Huili, the member of standing committee of Shiyan and secretary-general of Shiyan municipal committee, Li Jianfeng, the secretary of party committee and director of management committee of Shiyan economic and technological development zone and others attended the Automobile Trade Fair. 

  Cai Yudong, on behalf of the Ministry of Commerce, congratulated the success of the Trade Fair. He said that Shiyan is one of the origins of ancient civilization of China, and has once been hailed as “south ship and north horse, throat of Sichuan and Shaanxi, the thoroughfare”, and is the sole regional central city in the region adjoining Hubei, Henan, Shaanxi and Chongqing. The three most beautiful name cards of Shiyan are Wudang Mountain. Danjiang River and Motor City, well-known at home and abroad. In order to actively respond to the appeal of the county, vigorously develop exhibition economy, accelerate structural reform of the supply side and deeply implement the major measures of new development advantages, Shiyan organized 2017 China (Shiyan) Automobile Accessory Commodity Trade Fair; which is an important window to display the feature of Motor City and expand foreign communication, and plays a great role in promotion of National Automobile Accessory Industry and regional development. The Ministry of Commerce of PRC will always continue to support the organization of Shiyan Automobile Accessory Commodity Trade Fair, support the development of Shiyan city and Shiyan economic and technological zone, support excellent enterprises and entrepreneur bearing social responsibility, with international view and having good knowledge of professional regulations to actively participate in entrepreneurship and innovation of China Automobile Accessory Industry. He hoped that Shiyan Municipality and Shiyan economic and technological development zone won’t forget their original intention and firmly remember their mission, and continue to improve the organization level, elevate service level and deepen the communication based on the advantageous platform of China (Shiyan) Automobile Accessory Commodity Trade Fair, and make new and greater contribution to the development of automobile accessory industry in China. 

  This Trade Fair lasted for three days, it was the business and trade conference with largest scale after the victory opening of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and is the specific embodiment to practically implement and carry out the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The Trade Fair focuses on new energy and overall industrial chain of automobile industry, more than 640 in-door exhibition posts and several thousand of standard out-door exhibition posts were prepared, and the exhibition items include finished automobile, key assembly of automobile and parts and components, besides, there were other exhibitors regarding intelligent high-end equipment manufacturing, automobile electronic business, automobile international trade and relevant logistics supporting. 

  This Trade Fair was co-organized by the People’s Government of Shiyan Municipality, Organization Committee of China International Automobile Commodity Trade Fair, China Automobile Parts Sales Company, Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Automobile Company Shiyan Management Department, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company, Dongfeng Automobile Parts (Group) Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Industrial Co., Ltd. and Management Committee of Shiyan Economic and Technological Development Zone, and was undertaken by Shiyan Lin’an Business and Trade Logistics Development Co., Ltd., Shiyan Automobile Accessory Trade Fair and Shiyan Commercial Vehicle Parts Trade Fair. The theme of the Trade Fair was “marching into the new era and developing new energy”, therefore, the emphasis and highlight of this Trade Fair was “new energy”, the main entrance of the exhibition hall is set up with exhibition posts for new energy items, and the exhibition posts for new energy passenger car and new energy commercial vehicle were set up outside the hall, comprehensively displaying new energy products manufactured in Shiyan or by other newly introduced relevant enterprises. According to the survey, China (Shiyan) Automobile Accessory Commodity Trade Fair was established in 2008, and till now has been successfully held for nine times, and it has become the important exhibition and communication platform for mainstream automobile accessory manufacturers at home and abroad, and has become the stage for publicity and recommendation of development zone for foreigners, and displaying development outcome of automobile accessory industry of Shiyan municipality and enterprise features.